Best of 2022

As the year comes to an end, it is almost a #bookstagram ritual to post the #bestreadsof2022.
The books that I chose for as the best are books that I read multiple times and that I will continue to
read and listen to for the rest of my life.
Super brief summary on my choices.
Perfect Strangers and Pen Pal by @jtgeissingerauthor
Two different books, two different stories, two complete and absolute mindfucks! You will finish the
The Miles High Club Books and the Mr Series by @tlswanauthor
The fact that all these 7 books are completely different yet they are intertwined with each other
because all these men know each other is just an absolute master piece. I fell in love with all 7 of these
guys and to this day I still don’t know who I want to marry.
Layla, Reminders of Him and It ends with us. There is no doubt that @colleenhoover earned a lot of
popularity this year. I like her stories, I like her writing, these three in my opinion are some of her best
The British Knight by @louisesbay is her absolute best work. I read several of her books, but this one, is
my absolute favorite it. I am forever in love with Alexander Knight.
For the love of friends and She is up to no good by @saraconfino are absolute perfection. These two
books are such feel good books, I just fell in love with her writing.
And last but not least, Sweet Talk, Seatmate and Call Me Maybe by @carabastone are probably the best
audiobook experience I’ve ever had. If you have an audible account, you have to make sure to add these
to your list. They’re beautiful and they are a must.
THANK YOU authors, THANK YOU narrators, THANK YOU 2022 for a wonderful year full of beautiful

forever thankful,